Fintare Limited is a startup technology company focused on innovation and the use of rising, as well as existing, technologies to increase automation throughout various industries. We focus on building high quality products through incremental development with input from end users as well as experienced industry personnel. We believe that no project is ever finished as we strive to create products that meet all of our customers' needs.

Our overarching mission is to use technology to improve the world we live in. Our secondary objectives to achieve the mission are to create powerful, unified systems which increase productivity and save time normally spent battling older, disparate systems. We also seek to leverage and develop new technologies to improve efficiency and allow people to do what they care about rather than performing monotonous tasks.

We are always looking for contributors.

Whether you are an investor, developer, customer, or just interested in what we do, feel free to contact us to find out how you can get involved with our projects.

Feedback and constructive criticism are greatly appreciated.


Latest Project: Any Stays

The unified cross-strategy property management app

Any Stays is the working name of a hybrid channel manager and booking platform currently in our development pipeline.

Many booking platforms are inflexible, use outdated ways of doing things or have poor usability for guests and property managers alike.

Some booking platforms are designed in ways that encourage potentially harmful anti-patterns to form in the property industry which increases inefficiency and makes managing properties at scale complicated.

There are a large number of channel managers available but they often lack features that managers would like or cannot integrate to a sufficient degree with booking platforms. This is sometimes a lack of functionality on the side of the channel manager and sometimes a lack of APIs on booking platforms.

One App, Full Control

Enter Any Stays... This project aims to solve the channel manager and booking platform interoperability and inefficiency problem.

However, we want to take things one step further and create a platform that not only integrates these two parts, but also brings together other important apps used in the industry.

Whether we do this by linking third party apps or by developing our own native solutions running on the core API depends on how compatible existing apps are.

Many of the systems can be reused throughout the property industry and are not strategy-specific so we eventually plan to allow our complete system to be cross-strategy.


All phase details are brief descriptions of the current plan and subject to change. Many other features are being planned at various phases.

Critical System Test (July 2018)

Testing of basic JSON API and database interactivity.

Phase 0: Core System Test (December 2018)

Testing of core system API integration with web UI.

Phase 0: Core System Completion (May 2019)

Completion of API for core systems as well as full integration with web UI.

Phase 1: Initial Release

App can accept bookings and process payments through third-party processors automatically.

Properties can be added and modified by authorised users as well as being searcheable by guests.

Basic channel integrations are accepted. Basic booking platform/channel manager functionality completed.

Phase 2

Inventory management tools.

Automated pricing tools. Integration of deal analyser.

Improved reporting.

Review & Rating system.

Company integration API unlocked.

Verification & Certification programme.

Phase 3

(Semi) Automated ID checks.

Automated scheduling and dispatching.

No (low) fee payment processing.

Automated deposit protection and release.

Handling non-SA strategies.

Phase 4

Digital key control and improved signing.

Cloud monitoring.

Phase 5

(Semi) Automated guest query handling.

Phase 6

Planned Future Developments using AI.

Other feature requests.

Other Projects


Planned future project allowing (high performance) cloud processing. Relies on developments in 5G and other technologies.

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